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Adult Cats


Unfortunately, we are only able to take in adult cats on a case-by-case basis due to space since we are a foster-based/ individual rescue.


We can take in young kittens, under four months of age so long as we have space. Spring and Summer months are our busiest times as it is "Kitten Season".

Infant "Bottle Babies"

We will try to never turn away hungry bottle babies, though understand that if we are low on resources and space they may be transferred to another rescue with more resources. We will update initial finders/rescuers with pictures upon request.

Urgent & Regarding Tiny Babies? Message Us on Facebook!
If You Need to Surrender - Fill Out a Request Form
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Check Back

Check Back

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Last Litter Program

The Last Litter Program gets Momma cats spayed and returned to their owners and the kittens get everything they need (Spays, Neuters, Rabies Vaccine, FVRCP Vaccine, Flea Treatments, Dewormer, Microchip, etc.) before finding forever homes through our rescue. A win-win situation! 

For more information please visit our

We are NOT accepting cats with any behavior problems (Fear, Hiding, Biting, Urinating/Defecating Issues) at this time! We only have fosters who can handle certain kitties, and we give our promise of the best possible care to those we take in, we could lose foster homes by giving them kitties they did not sign up for and that means less lives being saved each year.
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