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We understand that you may have some questions about Hidden Gem Cat Rescue. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to give you a better understanding of who we are and what we offer. If there are any other questions you may have that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to assist you in any way we can.

  • Where are you Located?
    We are completely Foster-Based, so we have no Facility! We serve the greater Seattle area, we have Foster Parents from Renton to Marysville, and out toward Monroe as well! Our Executive Director that handles most concerns is located in Bothell.
  • Where do your cats come from?
    Most of our cats come from transfers or owner surrenders all over Washington State, ranging from Tacoma to Yakima, but we never take in cats from out of state. We firmly believe that transporting cats from outside the state while our own state is still struggling with animal overpopulation would worsen the situation and result in more of the cats already here waiting longer to get adopted, or being left to their fate on the street. You cannot pour from an empty cup.
  • Where can I drop off donations?
    Please contact us for donation drop off as we have a few locations!
  • How do I sign up to become a Foster?
    Please read about fostering on our Fostering Page, and download our Foster Home Guidelines! Once you are comfortable and do not have any questions, fill out our Foster-Onboard form, we will contact you when we have kitties that match your home and foster situation.
  • Why the 2-week quarantine?
    When we have a single kitten and a group of four kittens that arrive on the same day, we must keep them separated for at least two weeks. Many illnesses and diseases have an incubation period of close to two weeks where there are no visible signs or symptoms. If we don't keep the lone kitten separated and it has a contagious disease like ringworm or FIP, the entire group of four kittens will be at risk. It may feel sad to keep them apart, but losing all five kittens to a fatal disease is much more sad! Therefore, we separate them for a short time, ensuring they are all healthy and safe to play together. The same is true when we send kittens off to Foster Homes, we want to protect your pets and we cannot guarantee the babies do not have any illnesses!
  • Do I have to adopt two cats?
    If you have another kitty at home, no! If the kitty you want to adopt is UNDER six months old and you have no other cats at home, yes! This is to prevent single kitten syndrome!
  • When will a certain cat be available?
    This question does not always have a specific answer, some cats are sick, trying to gain a healthy amount of weight, or are working on being socialized. We cannot put a date on this! Generally, cats can be adopted after they have been Spayed/Neutered (after they weigh over 2lbs - usually around 8-9 weeks old), Microchipped, Dewormed, Flea Treated, FIV/FeLV Tested, and started on Vaccines.
  • What is your return policy?
    Please refer to your Adoption Contract for any clauses regarding returns!
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