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Grey Cat

Hidden Gem Cat Rescue has a lot of cats that come in and go out each year, but to be able to make the biggest impact we need loving foster homes provided by our amazing community. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for HGCR and are over the age of 18, please click below to sign up!


Learn About Fostering or Sign Up at the Bottom!

Orange Tabby Cat; Finnick

How Fostering Works

  • You submit the On-Board form as a Foster Parent with your start date, and dates available, as well as the other details.

  • When we have kittens that match your home, we contact you to bring them to you.

  • We make sure you have all things necessary to Foster and assist with things you cannot get on your own.

  • Once kittens are old enough to be spayed/neutered and receive vaccines, they are scheduled for an appointment.

  • After they have their procedures they are ready for new homes and can be adopted out!

  • When you are ready for kittens once more, you submit the On-Board form again!

Can I Foster If?

Siamese marked bottle baby; Legolas
  • I live in an apartment?

  • Already have pets?

  • Don’t work at home?

  • Haven’t fostered before?

  • Have roommates or kids?

Yes! Apartments are fine so long as the Landlord is aware and okay with it. Most of us work day jobs and have pets at home.

If you have not Fostered before, we will guide you through the process and be there to answer questions along the way!

If you have roommates, so long as the roommates are okay with it, then go right ahead. As for children, so long as the children are aware animals need their own personal space and can be gentle with animals.

Tabby kitten in carrier; Tiny Tim

What If My Foster Is Sick?

Illness isn’t uncommon when caring for kittens. While our intake/safety protocols reduce the risk of illnesses, their immune systems are usually weak. If you have a sick foster,

we will be there to guide you every step of the way.


If you want to learn more skills, we are happy to teach you. Ultimately you are here to help rescue kittens, and we are here to help you with their care.

Responsibilities of HGCR

  • Scheduling veterinary appointments

  • Funding veterinary expenses

  • Providing support and answering questions

  • Providing emergency phone numbers

  • Assist in providing supplies

  • Overseeing the adoption process and coordinating meet and greets

We will be here to guide you and provide you with support, help answer questions, problem solve issues with kitty behavior and manage the aspects of kitty adoption.

Orange and white cat
Calico kitten being pet; Nutmeg

Activities of a Foster Parent

  • Provide safe, clean, and warm indoor housing for the kitten(s)

  • Provide clean bedding daily

  • Provide food and water daily

  • 2 hours minimum of play/attention daily

  • Giving Medications and Treatments When Needed

  • Contact the rescue with weekly email updates

  • Coordinate health checkups as needed with the rescue

Hidden Gem Cat Rescue's email is checked daily. Foster Parents will be provided with emergency contact numbers.

When fostering for HGCR we ask that you DO NOT take fosters to veterinary clinics without authorization from HGCR's staff.

When fostering for Hidden Gem Cat Rescue, we ask that you DO NOT foster for other rescue groups, this is to prevent the spread of disease and illness!

You must be able to commit a minimum of 2 hours each day for playing with and socializing your foster kitties.

It is a very important responsibility and is one of the most fun parts of fostering!

Length of Fostering

  1. Our cats are ready to be adopted when they are healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

  2. Expect a Minimum of 2 months of Fostering! This sets aside time for vet appointments, surgery recovery, etc.

  3. Kittens must stay in foster until they meet this criteria, typically when they are around 3 months old

  4. Kittens may come in at just days or weeks old; they usually require the longest stay in foster care

  5. Adolescent and adult cats could be in foster care for as little as 3 weeks

  6. We CANNOT readily take kittens back at a moments notice like a shelter can as we are foster based, We rely on your communication

Orange Tabby Kitten; Finnick
Lynx Point Kitty; Daisy

Foster Location in Your House

A kitten-proofed extra bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room is the ideal space for fosters. New cats brought into your home need to be separated from your other pets for a minimum of two weeks. Please understand that when you expose your pet to a foster kitty, there is a chance of illness or infection.

If you do not have an extra space we will provide you with a pop-up playpen for a two week quarantine space.


If the fosters have a contagious condition (Which you would be notified about prior), it is advised to wear a long-sleeved shirt while handling them, then remove it before interaction with your own animals. It is also advised to wash your hands in between handling fosters and your animals to prevent any spread of bacteria and or illnesses. Your animals should be up to date on all vaccinations for their protection.

The Adoption Process

You are the best source of information about your foster(s) as you have been spending so much time with them. Any observations you can provide will help them find the perfect home, and will result in happy kitties and happy new owners!


Pictures help them get adopted! Please send them to


If you would like to adopt your foster cat/kitten, you must complete an Adoption Survey and qualify as an approved adopter. As a foster, you will be offered a reduced adoption fee. If someone you know would like to adopt one of your foster cats, the possible adopter has to go through the normal adoption process and pay the general adoption fee.


Please do NOT promise any cat or kitten(s) to anyone. All adoptions must be accepted by one of HGCR'S Adoption Staff. Foster kitties must not be "shown"/"promised" to interested adopters unless an approved adoption application is completed and on file at HGCR and an HGCR representative is on-site at the time of the meeting.

Romeo going to his new furever home

Click Here to Sign On as a Foster Parent!

You must fill out this form every time you are ready to foster once again, so we know if anything has changed!

I've Signed Up, Now What?


You remain on our Foster List until we have kitties that match your info close to what you filled out.


When kitties are inbound to the rescue, we contact you to get them a Foster Home lined up and ready!


We email you our Foster Agreement to sign you on as their Foster Parent!


We coordinate Pickup or Dropoff of the kitties and double check anything you may need.


The Fostering Fun Begins and we are here to help every step of the way!

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